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A1C Ronald Simons



A1C Ronald Simons
Match Date
Oct 2009
Their Story

Congratulations to Airman First Class Ronald Simons and Sanford!

Ronald returned back to the U.S. from serving our country in Afghanistan. Since his return, he has found his adjustment back very difficult amongst his family, friends, and work. A1C Simons is an active duty airman assigned to Seymour Johnson AFB as an Armament Specialist. This weekend Ronald found someone to share the hardships he endured while serving his country - a little seven month old Black Lab/ Beagal mix puppy, Sanford.

Sanford was surrendered to the W.A.R.L. on 8/21/09 by his guardian who didn't have enough time for him. He was one of W.A.R.L.'s longest residents when Ron took him home.

Sanford loves his new home! This morning when I took him out, he ran circles in the backyard for like an hour...haha!

Ron Simons