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LCpl Johnson



LCpl Johnson
Match Date
Dec 2011
Their Story

LCpl Johnson has recently returned from a deployment from the fifth fleet air of operations. Upon returning home from deployment he noticed an inconsistency with living alone versus with living with his brothers aka "marines." Always having dogs growing up Johnson wanted to again have a faithful companion to wake up to every day and to face the day together with.

Johnson was searching craigslist for a dog when he found a woman who offered to help him find a dog. She reached out to C4H after meeting the C4H Pacific Director at an event in San Diego.

Johnson adopted Logan, a white male boxer, that was found roaming the woods after months of being abandoned. He was all skin and bones and was near death when the Boxer n' Bird Rescue in Oceanside, CA, right outside of Camp Pendleton, nursed him back to health. Logan immediately took to Johnson and listens to him like a faithful companion. Johnson and Logan attend complimentary training classes offered by the rescue and go to the dog park regularly.

Logan was a rescue dog located in LCpl Johnson's home town and was saved by LCpl Johnson. Now, Logan is going to repay the favor by saving LCpl Johnson and his family with a lifetime of unconditional love.