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SSGT Yarbro



SSGT Yarbro
Match Date
Jul 2011
Their Story

SSGT Yarbro is a three-time Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) combat veteran. He was part of the first invasion in to Iraq (2003) and since that time, SSGT Yarbro has deployed two other separate times to Iraq and Afghanistan. After his last deployment, SSGT Yarbro returned home, only to find that <strong>112</strong> of his fellow soldiers did not make it back with him -- which has led to him being 100% disabled by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in 2010.

Dasani is a two-year old pitbull mix that was left roaming the streets of West Virginia. Dasani was an exceptional learner while at the Washington Animal Rescue League, before being matched up with SSGT Yarbro.

Update from SSGT Yarbro: "Man, that's the best dog in the world! I can't tell you how much better she makes me feel when we're laying on the couch watching 'Two and a Half Men.' Thanks so much for what you do!"

Dasani is a gift from God! As soon as I brought her home, she laid right by my side, looking up at me with those playful puppy eyes. I take her everywhere I go, the park, to the store. Where I would ride in my truck alone, I would start to have visions of the road turning in to sand and have these massive panic attacks, but with Dasani riding "shotgun" in my truck, I don't become scared to drive anymore...she's the love of my life.

SGT Yarbro