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SPC Williams



SPC Williams
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Dec 2009
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Diane Williams is an OEF/ OIF Veteran who has had a hard time transitioning from military to civilian life. Upon her retrun from her last deployment she found that her job had been abolished leaving her homeless and her car being repossessed while raising her 5 year old daughter, Mariah.
Today, as a C4H Connection, Diane and Mariah spent time with Tuba, a 3 year old female blonde Labrador Retriever that came to the WARL from a shelter in Tennessee.
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Diane says: "the Veteran's Administration and its many field offices and service centers, have enabled me to take part in the Companions For Heroes (C4H) program. C4H has been key in my transition, by allowing me to see that I can view my life with lightheartedness and hope again! By walking "Tuba" I can incorporate exercise and fitness back into my schedule. I can better manage my health and get back on track to my regimen of proper diet and exercise."

Companions For Heroes has given Mariah and me the best Christmas present yet...meeting and spending time with Tuba! This is the best organization I have ever come across for veterans, such as myself...THANK YOU for providing my daughter and I the opportunity to help with our stresses in life by spending time with Tuba.

Diane Williams