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SGT Crook and Family



SGT Crook and Family
Match Date
Dec 2009
Their Story

U.S. Army Veteran, Sgt. Raymond Crook is a Cold War Veteran who served in Europe during the late 1970s - early 1980s. During a training mission, a soldier in Raymond's unit drowned to death, despite Sgt. Crook's attempt to save him. Diagnosed with PTSD, Sgt. Crook continues to struggle with the loss of his friend.

Meyer is a three-and-a-half year old Shepard/ Akita mix who came to the Washington, D.C. from another shelter in Tennessee.

Before C4H - "I suffer from PTSD, depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes which caused me to have panic attacks very frequently. I had a hard time focusing on my family and what was best for my health, too."

After C4H - "Meyer and I are doing fine. As you can see, Meyer has been a God-sent to me and the entire family. I truly believe that Meyer was sent to me by God himself. Our walks and talks has helped me not to think about the things that happened to me. Meyer is always happy to see me and he sleeps and watches over me night and day. He has helped me give love and compassion to every one as he gives me - he is our family guardian. May God continue to bless C4H organization."

I'm a diabetic and I need to walk a lot. Meyer is my guy! He makes me happy and as I take care of him, he will take care of me with my condition. Donna (Sgt. Crook's wife) and Rico (Sgt. Crook's grandson) and Meyer are so good together, too. Looks like my grandson has a new best friend as well.

Sgt. Raymond Crook