Bob Appleby & Chester

Bob Appleby of St. Augustine, Florida is one of our most recent Heroes pictured here with his service dog Chester.  After serving his country for eight years in the Unites States Marine Corps and the past 13 years as a first responder, Appleby has been involved with most of our country’s darkest days in the past several years and has subsequently been suffering from post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)  This Hero is benefiting tremendously from the C4H program.

“I would like to thank C4H for ALL that they have done for me. After serving 8 years in the USMC and on disaster response teams in Ground Zero, Katrina and Sandy Hook I developed PTSD. Chester is my new hero and a great gift from C4H. He is with me 97% of the time and has changed my life dramatically. THANK YOU C4H,” stated Appleby.

Chester was trained by Saint Augustine trainer Matt.