SPC McElroy and Scoob

[quote align=”center” color=”#000″]Scoob has helped me regain my confidence to be around crowds and has been extremely helpful in reconnecting with my wife and kids, again. I’m so happy that he is part of our lives! My kids and he are inseparable and I take him everywhere I go…car, into town, everywhere. I feel normal, again!” SPC McElroy[/quote]

Congratulations to SPC McElroy and Scoob!
SPC McElroy is an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran. During his stay at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for nearly five months, SPC McElroy needed C4H’s help with his PTSD. While deployed to Afghanistan, SPC McElroy was shot twice in the leg and twice in the stomach while in his tent by an accidental discharge of another soldier. During his stay at Walter Reed, SPC McElroy needed someone to help him reconnect with his wife and kids (5 years and 5 months old) after being away for so long (nearly a year).

Scoob is a four month old weimaraner puppy that came to the Washington Animal Rescue League from a high-kill shelter in West Virginia.