SGT Moore and Zoey

[quote align=”center” color=”#000″]Zoey is great man! She keeps me active and focused on taking care of her because she is taking care of me. I knew getting a dog would help me with my problems and she most definitely is. Thanks so much!” SGT Moore[/quote]

Congratulations to SGT Moore and Zoey!

SGT Moore is two-time Iraqi War Veteran (Infantryman). Upon his return home, he noticed a change in his personality, horrible sleeping habits, mentality frustrated and had a lot of agression and anxiety towards family, friends but most importantly, himself. After the support of his family, only then did he decide to seek help at the Annapolis Vet Center under the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) – where his counselor, Steve helped him through so much and is still helping him today.

Zoey came to The League in June 2010. She is a one year old Black Lab mix that was surrendered by her owner because no pets were allowed where they were living.