SPC Thomas and Bo

[quote align=”center” color=”#000″]I love my new puppy! He makes me be want to be part of society – I have to take him on walks and when I do, people always approach me wanting to pet him and ask all about my Bo – this helps me be more social. Also, living alone before was hard on me but now I have Bo to talk to about my nightmares from what haunted me before. He heals me and I know I’m healing him…I see it in his eyes and the love he gives me. He makes me feel good about myself because I know he will always love me for me!” SPC Thomas[/quote]

Congratulations to SPC Thomas and Bo!

SPC Thomas is a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient. SPC Thomas sustained life-threatening wounds during a firefight in South Vietnam during the 1960s. Recently, I decided to seek help from the DC VA Hospital – which led to his diagnosis of PTSD and Anxiety Disorder.

Bo is a 6-month old Black Lab mix that came from the Washington Animal Rescue League earlier this month (June) from a hoarding situation Mississippi.