PFC Wade and Scout

[quote align=”center” color=”#000″]I always heard that people with pets live longer – now I know this to be true! I look forward to loving Scout and he has already loved me even more. Scout has given me a way to force myself to go outside and interact with strangers, something I would never do before having Scout with me.” PFC Wade[/quote]

PFC Wade is a Vietnam Veteran who served as Military Police. During his tenure in the military while serving our country, PFC Wade endured several stressful incidents which led him to extreme substance and drug abuse – result was losing his family and friends. However, PFC Wade finally made a significant change in his life when he made the decision to check himself into the Washington, D.C. Veterans Affairs Hospital in 2008 where he was later diagnosed with having PTSD and Severe Depression.

Scout is a four year old Chihuahua mix. He came to the League in Washington, D.C. from Mississippi due to a hoarding situation. Scout was one of 70 dogs that the League took in from a rescue group that went out of business. Scout had mange and was very timid when he first came into the League but they treated his emotional and physical traumas for PFC Wade to be his companion animal.