Type of Companion:

*All animals are obtained from shelters, rescues, and humane societies

Companion Rescue/Shelter Dogs and Cats: C4H connects these last-chance pets with active duty military, military veterans, first-responders, and their families that are forever transformed by the unconditional love and friendship that only a companion pet can provide. The dog has basic obedience and house manners; however, the dog is not granted public access.

Skilled Companion Dog: A Skilled Companion Dog is trained in basic obedience such as sit, stay, and relieving itself outdoors. A Skilled Companion Dog may also be trained to perform one specific task for assisting the hero within his or her home that has one of the many similar tasks to that of a Service Dog. For example, a Skilled Companion Dog may be trained to alert for a seizure or an anxiety attack, help heroes that do not want to leave their home or have assistance from others when they do leave home, and assist heroes in answering the door who are uneasy about performing this duty on his or her own. A Skilled Companion Dog may also be trained to provide balance and stability to prevent falls. However, a Skilled Companion Dog may not have the ability to become a Service Dog. Generally, few dogs can make it to the Service Dog level where the dog can perform their work and be comfortable in public locations.

The wait period for a Skilled Companion Dog is typically 2-4 months depending on the task needed for the hero. The dog is not granted public access.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Active Duty Military, Reserve, and National Guard
  • Military Veterans (Honorable or Other Than Honorable Discharge)
  • First-Responders (Retired and Active)
  • Next-of-kin
  • Immediate Family Members (Spouses and Children)

C4H Adoption Program provides:

  • Cost-free adoption of a loving companion animal from a shelter or rescue organization by full reimbursement of the adoption fee
  • Cost-free animal health insurance (first year only)
  • Free gift card ranging from $60 – $130 for supplies such as leash, collar, food-water bowls and crate
  • Free training assistance from one of the organization’s trainers (when needed)

*Click here to view the coverage provided for your pet (Major Medical Plan Comprehensive with CareGuard Plus).

If you are Active Duty Military, Reserve, National Guard, Military Veteran, or First-Responder and require additional services that C4H does not provide, please visit the National Resource Directory.